Rosenwald 2 DVD Set


The Rosenwald DVD Set contains the theatrical version of the film and a second disc with 39 bonus features.

Distributed by The National Center for Jewish Film (NCJF), (781)

BONUS FEATURES: Over four and a half hours of bonus features, including interviews with Julian Bond and Ben Jealous and Rosenwald school alumni Maya Angelou, Rep. John Lewis, Eugene Robinson and George Wolfe. Plus commentary with director Aviva Kempner and spotlights on Leo Frank, the Chicago Race Riot of 1919, Rabbi Emil Hirsch and Rosenwald’s legacy in Chicago.

FILM: 2015, Color, 96 minutes

DVD SPECIAL FEATURE: Teaching Guide produced by the educational nonprofit Teaching for Change

The guide, designed for middle and high school social studies and language arts classes and suitable for college students, contains a viewing guide with mini lessons, journal prompts, and additional topics; six full lessons; bonus features by theme; a glossary; and additional resources. The lessons are classroom-ready and connect to sections of the film and bonus features.




Stay tuned and bookmark this page to access the free downloadable Teaching Guide. Coming soon!





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